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How to Use Barbell Mate [1/3]: ROM Filtering

In the next part of our Barbell Mate How To series we are looking at Range Of Motion Filtering.

What is Range Of Motion Filtering?

By default, the Barbell Mate device has a ROM cut off of 10 centimeters. If a lift is less than 10cm then it will not be recorded as a rep. The ROM filtering is adjustable.

Range of Motion can be adjusted up to 100 centimeters.

Why do I need Range Of Motion Filtering?

Range of motion filtering allows for insignificant parts of reps to be excluded from the velocity.

For example:

  1. Unracking of bench press. Stop the device from triggering as you unrack the bar.
  2. Hang Snatches. If you are only interested in the hang portion of the lift. By setting the appropriate ROM filtering you are able to not detect the portion of the lift when you pick the bar from the floor to the hip.

Just remember, even if a rep is detected that you don’t want. You are able to use the set view to have a look at the data. And if needed, tap the delete button to remove the “useless” rep.

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